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November 7, 2023 Ballot Issue

Our Greeneview

To the right, you'll find a graphic that symbolizes our work across the district. Whether you look at it from the inside out or the outside in, the Greeneview student remains at the center of it all, surrounded by the strategies we use to support the student both within our buildings and as a district through teaching and learning, facilities, and operations. At the same time, our work within the larger community and our partnerships with parents coincide with our work within the schools to develop a strong school culture. No matter which way you look at it, all of the pieces are better together. It all comes together to form what we've come to know as the "Our Greeneview" plan. 

The "Our Greeneview" plan has guided our work not only internally, but externally as well, as we consider the future of both our district and our facilities. Our focus on the Greeneview student has informed the master facility planning process and kept us grounded in our larger vision and goals for the district. The "Our Greeneview" plan has helped us to consider how our organization can grow as a whole and how we can accommodate for improvements in our facilities in a healthy, structured way. 

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Our Path Forward

The plan above gives a comprehensive overview of what we are looking to do in terms of renovation and construction. The planning process began with conversations regarding our facilities with the greatest need for attention: the field house and the Elementary School.

The current field house near the stadium on North Limestone Street was originally constructed in the 80s, and our programs have outgrown the space. The conditions are inadequate, with heating and cooling challenges and poor ventilation, among other factors. 

The current Elementary School first served as our high school when it was built in 1963. In 2002, the building became home to our middle school students after the construction of the current high school on Cottonville Road. After two additions in the mid-2000s, the building was then retrofitted in 2012 and has since served as the home of our youngest students, currently housing grades PreK-3 in what is now Greeneview Elementary School. When it comes to addressing our aging Elementary school, three main areas have guided our decision-making:

  1. Relevant learning spaces -- The building was designed with high school students in mind. We cannot replicate a modern early childhood classroom that will meet the state's standards – with right-sized design, functionality, and the additional space required for collaborative learning – in the current Elementary building. 

  2. Cost -- There are significant costs associated with maintaining an older building. Especially in a space that has evolved and changed to serve multiple purposes and audiences over the years, the need lies within the roof, behind the walls, and under the ground in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems that are costly to maintain as they age. With increased costs, hard-to-find parts, and intensive labor required, patching and repairing the Elementary's infrastructure is no longer cost-effective. 

  3. Growth -- Relocating our Greeneview Elementary students to what is currently Greeneview Middle School brings all of our students to Cottonville Road. An addition to Greeneview Middle School addresses the learning needs of early childhood students and meets OFCC state design requirements. Further, should additional spaces be necessary in the future, each of the current campuses on Cottonville Road have the space for continued growth.

The Elementary School and field house have both served our district and community well. However, we want to be good stewards of our resources, which means we have been intentional in developing a plan that is practical: appropriate facilities that maximize each space’s functionality while meeting students’ needs without unnecessary bells and whistles. There is momentum in our district; we already have so much to be proud of and to celebrate. This is our Greeneview. 

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Know the Facts

Master Facility Planning Process: OFCC Partnership

November 7, 2023 Ballot Issue: By the Numbers

Total Project Cost: $33,068,447
Less State Share: -$10,014,829
Less Federal Grant: -$1,000,000
Greeneview's Share: $22,053,617  

  • 4.3 Mill Bond Issue: $19,527,734
  • 1.14 Mill PI Levy: $2,525,883

Project Scope:

  • High School Addition & Middle School Construction - $25,966,221
    • $16,152,951 State Co-funded Portion
      • Local share = $6,138,121 (38%)

      • State Share = $10,014,830 (62%)

    • $9,813,270 Additional Classrooms & Repurposing at Current MS

  • Field House & Practice Fields - $7,102,226

    • $1M Federal Grant Applied

    • $6,102,226 local share

Our Schools Today

Community Engagement Process

Want to learn more about what the community engagement process looked like with the Community Advisory Team? Click here for more details. 


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