Greeneview Virtual Academy Parent Information

K-5 students who wish to switch from Lincoln Learning to the locally-created system now have access to the new content. The following parent resource guide includes the necessary username, passwords, and codes for students to access the material we are transitioning to. This guide is designed to provide a brief description of the requirements for the programs and a brief description of each program. Not all of the supplemental sites are required or necessary for them to use. Find something your child enjoys and stick with it. We are providing a buffet of options, but they don't need to use all of them. Parent Guide


Please note that in Ascend, MindPlay, ALEKS, and iReady that the students will first need to take a pre-assessment to evaluate their individual learning pathways. Each of these assessments will take some time and we encourage you to please have your children take them seriously. They will determine their individualized pathways for the programs so they are important. They are not graded, so there is no pressure, but they are important. Please read the instructions carefully before beginning each section.  

  • One thing to point out about MindPlay: there is a portion of the pre-assessment that seeks to evaluate the reading words per minute and the words will disappear as they go. Do the best they can to keep up, but please know that it is by design and is intentional. 


Science and Social Studies links to content are already listed at You can access materials from the Greene County public library for reading materials on these topics. We will update the list when we have the Science4Us and Gizmos usernames and passwords ready. 


We will provide a time within the next week for parents to come in the evening to pick up the workbooks that we have ordered. We will also be available at that time to answer any questions you may have about the programs. 


If you are experiencing login questions with these platforms, please contact with your questions. You will be hearing from you case managers soon to check in your experiences with these new programs. Thank you for your patience, we are hopeful that these changes will be helpful in creating a meaningful online experience for your child this semester. 

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