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Transportation Supervisor

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Greeneview Schools Operates a Pupil Transportation Department within the rules and codes of the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio General Assembly. 

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Greeneview Local School's Transportation Rules

No Transportation Zones

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Elementary Zone


Middle School and High School Zone



All school transportation in Ohio must comply with the Ohio Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules, which are comprised of revised code and administrative rule. This requirement is based on Ohio Revised Code (RC) 4511.76.  

School transportation staff requirements:
School bus drivers, van drivers and bus attendants must meet many requirements to perform their duties. The staff requirements chart provides an overview of the requirements for each and their source in Ohio law. (Chart updated 2/2016 to clarify source of training for van drivers).


Criminal background checks for driving staff:
School bus drivers and van drivers are subject to criminal background checks. RC 3327.10 requires individuals who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to any offense listed in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-83-23 shall not be hired or shall be released from employment, as applicable, unless the person meets the rehabilitation requirements.  


Interested in Becoming a Bus Drivers: Driver Training Information and Costs


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