Student Expectations at Football Game

Home Football Game Notice to Parents and Students:


Please remind your children that school sporting events are school functions and student behavioral expectations are the same as school. Fighting, profanity, bullying, and harassment will not be tolerated. School discipline will be enforced for violations of the student handbook that happen at school functions.


Due to recent altercations and incidents at home football games, the administration will be enforcing the following rules for students:

  • Students will not be permitted to leave the stadium and re-enter the stadium. If a student leaves the stadium they will not be permitted to return to the stadium. Local police will be monitoring the parking lot during the event.
    • Adults may exit the stadium to go to their car but must present a pass or ticket stub to re-enter the stadium.
  • The playground is not well-lit and it will be locked during the events. Please do not climb the playground fence or squeeze through locked gates. This is locked as a safety precaution due to the lack of supervision and the lack of lighting on the equipment.
  • Any child who wants to bring a football with them to the game to play with their friends will need to do so in the grass lot at the North end of the home bleachers. Tackling and rough-play will not be allowed. Please encourage your young children to play in this area so errant balls and kids running do not disrupt people attempting to watch the game near the bleachers or concessions stands. This area is well-lit and will be supervised by an administrator. Balls thrown over the fence or onto the field will not be returned until the game is over.

Please encourage your students to sit in the bleachers, watch the game, enjoy the time with their friends, and cheer for the Rams.

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