Middle School Virtual Learning Announcement

November 16, 2020


On Monday, November 16th we were informed that a middle school staff member had tested positive for COVID-19. We have several other staff members who will be required to quarantine as a result of their close contact with this individual. No students were determined to have been in close contact with the staff member. We have additional middle school staff members who have been required to quarantine due to their exposure to the virus outside of school. We are unable to secure enough substitutes to satisfy the current need in our middle school.


Beginning Tuesday, November 17th Greeneview Middle School will transition to virtual learning for the remainder of the week. We will utilize this plan for Tuesday through Friday (11/17 - 11/20). We will announce our plans for November 23rd and 24th by the end of this week. This transition to virtual learning only applies to our middle school students; elementary and high school students will continue in-person learning at this time. 


The following information is provided as general guidelines and expectations for virtual learning. 


  • Teachers will utilize Google Classroom to provide access to instructional videos, reading materials, and assignments. 
    • Students are expected to log into Google Classroom every day.
    • Lessons will be posted by 10 AM each day
    • Students should pay close attention to deadlines and expectations. You will be held accountable to complete the work and it will be graded and feedback will be provided in a timely manner. 
  • Teachers will be available for questions, feedback, and interaction between 10 a.m. & 2 p.m. each day. Questions after 2 p.m. will be answered the following day. 
    • Teachers will post information for how they can be contacted, if you need assistance. 
  • Lunch is available for students at Greeneview High School during the closure. Students can pick up food between 10:30 and 11:15 each day. 
  • The Middle School will be available after 8 a.m. on Tuesday for students to pick up computers, workbooks, or materials from their lockers. Please report to the office.
  • Since this change is due to an educational staff shortage, we will continue with our current schedule for middle school athletics.


We ask that students please make good decisions during this period of time. It is our intention that we reopen following this brief shutdown and we need everyone to make safe and health decisions while they are away. Please maintain a safe social distance, wear a mask, and practice good hygiene. Cases are on the rise in our community and we must remain vigilant so we can slow the spread of the virus and keep our schools open.  

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